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Simple Search
Use this for a quick generalized search to search all common fields within the database. Enter keywords or phrases that pertain to the information you are searching. Matching results will be retrieved from grants, organizations and people. Matching results will also be located within addresses and contacts.

Example search: education !environment
Will return all grants whose title contains education BUT NOT environment.
Search Tips
+     Include filter (the search result must include the keyword)
-     Exclude filter (the search result must NOT contain the keyword)
&     Logical AND the search must contain keyword1 AND keyword2
|     Logical OR the search must contain keyword1 OR keyword2
!     Logical NOT the search must contain keyword1 BUT NOT keyword2
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In order for the changes to be reflected, you must click on the search button(or map) again.
Note: New grants recently submitted will show up as unfunded, but that does not necessarily mean the grant has been denied. You will receive a confirmation/award letter when your grant has been approved and funded.