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Log #TitleRequestedMatchFunded
2015-0087Forestry Initiatives$26,366.00$6,592.00$26,366.00
2015-0086Connecting Teachers in a Natural World$9,996.00$4,198.00$0.00
2015-0085Evaluation of a School Naturalist Program$10,000.00$8,592.00$10,000.00
2015-0084Shoreline Restoration for Water Exploration$5,000.00$2,100.00$5,000.00
2015-0083Creating Greendale's School Forest Education Plan$3,660.00$23,610.00$3,660.00
2015-0082Clean Water Detectives$8,669.00$2,175.00$0.00
2015-0081Mighty Monarchs$989.00$250.00$0.00
2015-0080Bruce the Spruce and Friends$2,054.00$825.00$2,054.00
2015-0079Citizen Science Programming in Pulaski Park$10,000.00$2,500.00$10,000.00
2015-0078Fruity Nutty Fire: Growing Food in the Urban Forest$10,000.00$4,527.00$10,000.00
2015-0077Culture of Climate Change Expedition$5,000.00$1,400.00$5,000.00
2015-0076Hungry Hills School Forest Outdoor Learning Center$5,000.00$3,000.00$0.00
2015-0075Trees for Tomorrow and Tomahawk High School Collaborate on Project-Based Water Q$6,240.00$10,733.00$0.00
2015-0074Promoting Access to EE by Connecting Non-Traditional Audiences to Current Envior$9,010.00$14,500.00$2,836.00
2015-0073Improving Community Environmental Literacy in Milwaukee's Garden District$10,000.00$2,500.00$0.00
2015-0072Environmental Education Professional Learning Community at Wequiock Elementary S$4,973.00$5,724.00$4,973.00
2015-0071A Celebration of Life XX: Wild Weather!$5,000.00$3,370.00$0.00
2015-0070Indigenous Arts and Sciences: Learning from the Land$9,838.00$2,637.00$9,838.00
2015-0069An Education Plan for the Lake Country School Forest$5,000.00$3,084.84$5,000.00
2015-0068Environmental Education Trail at the Priory-Niche Complementarity Pollinator Hab$2,678.00$1,025.00$0.00
2015-0067Soil Erosion Pit Project$2,157.00$1,605.00$0.00
2015-0066Composter Crusaders! For Greendale School District$9,350.00$3,117.00$0.00
2015-0065Oak Assessment and Action$9,935.00$11,460.00$9,935.00
2015-0064Southwest Wisconsin Invasive Species Coaltion Education Project$9,974.00$11,660.00$0.00
2015-0063FIELD Corps Mobile Field Day Adventure Lab$10,000.00$15,320.00$10,000.00
2015-0062Integrating the Don Hawkins Community Oak Savanna into Mineral Point Student Lea$4,746.00$4,066.50$0.00
2015-0061Landowner Workshop Focusing on Oak Management in Southwest Wisconsin$3,459.00$2,200.00$3,459.00
2015-0060Green County Conservation Education$10,000.00$21,580.00$0.00
2015-0059Raptor Discovery: Bridging Literacy Gaps in Schools and Libraries$5,343.00$5,398.00$5,343.00
2015-0058Exploring Nature by Snowshoe$4,250.00$1,065.00$0.00
2015-0057Fond du Lac County Well Water User Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior Change Stud$5,835.00$1,950.00$5,835.00
2015-0056Summer Internships at the Urban Ecology Center$10,000.00$2,500.00$0.00
2015-0055Environmental Education Summer Immersion Program at Highland Community School$5,000.00$1,250.00$0.00
2015-0054Accessible Trail and Boardwalk for All Visitors$4,043.00$130,460.00$4,043.00
2015-0053An Education Plan for the Northwood School Forest$5,000.00$4,316.44$0.00
2015-0052Development and Dissemination of Improvements to the Bjornson Education and Recr$19,301.00$4,852.00$0.00
2015-0051Camp Whitcomb/Mason Prairie Education and Restoration Project$9,782.92$2,454.13$0.00
2015-0050Making Environmental Education Accessible for All: The Special Visitors Program $9,535.00$4,120.00$9,535.00
2015-0049Implementation of the Newly Approved School Forest Education Plan: an Urban Sust$15,566.00$9,500.00$15,566.00
2015-0048Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Loan Program and Related Environmenta$4,970.00$1,645.58$4,971.00
2015-0047Snapshot Wisconsin: Let's Discover our Wildlife Together!$9,997.00$6,529.00$9,997.00
2015-0046Promoting Environmental Education in Highland$19,801.00$5,240.00$19,801.00
2015-0045Northeast Wisconsin Woodland Owners Conference$4,991.00$3,676.00$4,991.00
2015-0044Revision of Janesville Schools Outdoor Lab Education Plan$4,124.00$1,358.00$4,124.00
2015-0043Maple Forest Sugarbush Restoration$4,900.00$1,225.00$0.00
2015-0042Burstrom Trail and Outdoor Education Facility$10,000.00$11,500.00$10,000.00
2015-0041Urban Forestry: Field Research in Local Milwaukee Parks$10,000.00$15,707.00$10,000.00
2015-0040Forest Management Curriculum for Middle & High School Homeschool Students$8,478.00$2,696.00$8,477.00
2015-0039Myanmar to Milwaukee: Seasons and Stories$3,500.00$3,500.00$0.00
2015-0038Students and Farmers Spread the Message: "Healthy Food, Healthy Earth, Healthy C$9,694.00$12,970.00$0.00
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