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Log #TitleRequestedMatchFunded
2015-0001Incorporation of EE in elementary and secondary classrooms of UWSP graduates$3,836.15$1,317.00$3,836.00
2014-0073WEEF-2012 Turnback-4 Ed Plans Plus$24,615.00$6,154.00$24,615.00
2014-0072BC4K Timberland$4,992.00$4,070.00$5,002.00
2014-0071Developing the Toki/Orchard Ridge School Forest Education Plan$5,000.00$1,250.00$0.00
2014-0070A Wetland Training Tool for Locally Elected and Appointed Officials$9,963.00$3,360.00$9,963.00
2014-0069Got Worms? Technology & Worm Habitation in the District of Mellen School Forest $4,147.00$1,075.00$4,147.00
2014-0068101 Animals at Mequon Nature Preserve: Educational Field Guide and Interfacing C$6,653.00$5,693.00$0.00
2014-0067Stewardship Project: Invasive Species$5,000.00$4,977.00$4,000.00
2014-0066Water and Garden Education with a Water Celebration at Bookworm Gardens$8,150.00$7,150.00$8,150.00
2014-0065Enhancement of Forestry Education at Bookworm Gardens$3,680.00$6,560.00$3,680.00
2014-0064AIS Camps at Central Wisconsin Children's Museum$5,228.00$7,124.00$5,187.00
2014-0063Invasive Species Environmental Education Program$6,923.00$2,830.00$0.00
2014-0062MES Schoolyard Stormwater Re-Use Project$10,000.00$15,247.00$0.00
2014-0061An Education Plan for the Rice Lake School Forest$4,987.50$5,748.00$0.00
2014-0060Lifelong Learning: The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Education Progr$10,000.00$16,919.00$0.00
2014-0059Building Community through Hands-On Environmental Education and Engagement$3,421.00$1,542.00$0.00
2014-0058Outdoor Learning Lab at Thoreau Elementary School$9,994.00$2,540.00$0.00
2014-0057Development of Winter Ecology Snowshoe Program$2,410.00$1,130.00$2,410.00
2014-0056An Education Plan for the Pulaski Community Middle School (PCMS) Forest$4,500.00$7,197.00$4,500.00
2014-0055Connecting Recreational Tourism with Environmental Literacy$10,000.00$2,950.00$0.00
2014-0054Dry Bluff Prairie Education Program$4,940.00$7,130.00$4,940.00
2014-0053Enhancing Outdoor Exploration of Young Children and Their Families$2,274.00$580.00$2,274.00
2014-0052An Educational Plan for School District of Green Lake: Green Lake School Forest$5,054.00$1,501.00$0.00
2014-0051Forester Training in Northwest Wisconsin$1,000.00$1,000.00$1,000.00
2014-0050Forestry Education Summit$4,948.00$1,362.00$2,441.00
2014-0049Nature's Classroom Institute of Wisconsin (NCIW) Stewardship Consortium$9,997.30$84,152.24$9,999.00
2014-0048Developing a Sense of Place and Environmental Stewardship$10,000.00$12,397.00$0.00
2014-0047Driftless Forest Engagement and Education$10,000.00$13,247.00$0.00
2014-0046Aquatic Invasive Species: Relationship and Return on Investment in Southwest Wis$10,000.00$12,392.00$0.00
2014-0045Community-Wide Awareness and Action to Deal with the Threat of Emerald Ash Borer$10,000.00$14,087.00$10,000.00
2014-0044Artic Passage Exhibit:Global climate change education, community activism and co$1,500.00$2,679.00$0.00
2014-0043Forestry Fun for All!$11,568.25$4,766.28$11,848.00
2014-0042Turn the Tables: Iola to Scandinavia, experiencing nature's classroom$3,905.00$1,732.00$3,905.00
2014-0041Introducing Teachers to Productive Habitats$1,200.00$400.00$0.00
2014-0040Camp Whitcomb Mason Prairie Education and Restoration Project$9,989.00$25,444.13$0.00
2014-0039An Inter-regional Approach to Youth Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Education$4,987.00$3,250.00$0.00
2014-0038Wauwatosa is Learning Differntly (WILD)$990.00$1,590.00$0.00
2014-0037Forestry and Permaculture: Farming Your Forest$4,230.00$1,250.00$0.00
2014-0036Wildland-Urban Interface Conference$9,812.00$4,300.00$9,812.00
2014-0035Project EARPOD: Engaging at Risk Populations Outdoors, Digitally$10,000.00$2,500.00$10,000.00
2014-0034Baldwin-Woodville's Giezendanner School Forest: Developing the Resource$19,883.00$7,350.00$19,583.00
2014-0033Beaver Creek Acorns: Nature Immersion into Early Childhood$10,000.00$22,000.00$10,000.00
2014-0032Rain Garden Project$10,000.00$5,000.00$9,997.00
2014-0031School Forest Pond Enhancement Project$13,490.00$3,650.00$13,490.00
2014-0030An Education Plan for the Lake View Elementary School Forest$2,506.00$2,304.00$2,508.00
2014-0029Developing an Outdoor Classroom within an Urban Sustainable Forestry Program$9,926.00$12,620.00$9,476.00
2014-0028Building Teaching and Modeling Environmental Stewardship: Sharing Indigenous Wat$9,883.00$17,704.00$0.00
2014-0027Creative Corridor-Corridor Creativo: Garden of Arts and Learning$10,000.00$278,265.00$0.00
2014-0026Students and Farmers Spread the Message "Soil Supports Us All"$9,772.50$7,590.00$9,360.00
2014-0025Eagleville School Forest Education Plan$4,900.00$4,738.00$4,900.00
1,994 grant(s)Page: 1 of 40
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