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Log #TitleRequestedMatchFunded
2016-TB-15Professional Development Scholarships for School Forest Educators$12,000.00$3,000.00$9,099.00
2016-SFI-14Service Learning at the Rahr Memorial School Forest$1,824.00$12,038.00$1,824.00
2016-SFI-13Exploring the Trails at Severson Learning Center$2,425.00$6,150.00$2,425.00
2016-SFI-12Reviving a forest through invasive species removal.$2,500.00$701.00$2,500.00
2016-SFI-11Giezendanner School Forest: Birds, Boards & More$1,489.00$400.00$1,489.00
2016-SFI-10Winter in Wisconsin: Building an Appreciation through Snowshoeing$1,675.00$418.75$1,675.00
2016-SFI-09Outdoor Classroom Education Plan for the West Bend Scientist in Residence$2,500.00$14,965.00$2,500.00
2016-SFI-08Sustainable Forestry Education Using Two Contrasting School Forests and an Urban$2,500.00$1,053.00$2,500.00
2016-SFI-07Wisconsin Forest History Cabin: A Lumberjack Program and Family Event at Boston $2,500.00$2,421.00$2,500.00
2016-SFI-06Curiosity Kits: Catalysts for Discovery and Literacy$1,807.00$560.00$1,807.00
2016-SFI-05Granton School Agriculture Department$2,500.00$625.00$2,500.00
2016-SFI-04The Literacy Trail$2,500.00$750.00$2,500.00
2016-SFI-03Increasing the Educational Usage at Northland Pines School Forest$2,485.00$1,300.00$2,485.00
2016-SFI-02Forest for the Future$2,497.00$1,198.00$2,497.00
2016-SFI-01The Literacy Trail$2,500.00$750.00$0.00
2016-GPR-04WCEE Professional Development Fund$2,114.00$528.50$2,114.00
2016-GPR-02Professional Development Fund$2,114.00$529.00$2,114.00
2016-GPR-01General GoFund Supplemental Dollars$6,157.48$1,539.37$6,157.48
2016-GBR-03NAAEE Conference Professional Development Fund$2,114.00$529.00$2,114.00
2016-Board-0001Legacy Project$13,000.00$3,250.00$13,000.00
2016-0062Wisconsin Schools Go Outside (GO) Fund$16,000.00$4,000.00$16,000.00
2016-0061Forestry Action Research in Southeastern Wisconsin$10,000.00$7,822.00$9,850.00
2016-0060Science of Resilient Communities: Combating Educational Inequalities in Madison $10,000.00$15,803.00$0.00
2016-0059West Salem Outdoor Education Center$10,000.00$2,500.00$0.00
2016-0058Whitnall School Forest: Accessibility for All$10,000.00$6,365.00$10,000.00
2016-0057Inquiry-Based Natural Resource Workshop for Middle School Students$8,000.00$60,060.00$8,000.00
2016-0056Spiders Have Fun$2,777.00$695.00$0.00
2016-0055Hoes to Go$989.00$263.00$0.00
2016-0054Garden 2 Go: Elementary Mobile Learning Garden$10,000.00$15,020.00$0.00
2016-0053Integrating Forestry Education into Project Based Learning$4,700.00$3,000.00$4,700.00
2016-0052Forest Exploration Badge System: Marvelous Maple Badge$4,940.00$1,300.00$0.00
2016-0051Forest Exploration Badge System: Fall Color Badge$4,940.00$1,300.00$0.00
2016-0050An Education Plan for the Nekoosa School Forest$5,000.00$6,500.00$5,000.00
2016-0049Connecting and Opening the Pulaski Community Middle School Forest: An Implementa$4,663.00$15,918.00$4,657.00
2016-0048Breathing "Life" into SAGES' Living Schoolyard$10,000.00$7,330.00$10,000.00
2016-0047TRCCS Garden Educator Intern$9,818.00$14,018.00$9,120.00
2016-0046The Future of Food: Growing Sustainable Agriculture Education in Central Wiscons$10,000.00$3,925.00$10,000.00
2016-0045Chilton School Forest and Prairie Enhancements$5,105.00$1,316.00$0.00
2016-0044In and Out HERBan Gardening$18,980.00$16,430.00$0.00
2016-0043Stop the Invasion$10,000.00$2,954.00$10,000.00
2016-0042Who Has the Power?$10,000.00$2,954.00$10,000.00
2016-0041Building a Sense of Place Through Curriculum Integration$9,336.00$3,242.00$9,336.00
2016-0040Hive Alive! Sweet Science$5,000.00$1,250.00$0.00
2016-0039Northeast Wisconsin Woodland Owners Forestry Field Day$4,991.00$1,500.00$4,991.00
2016-0038Healthy3 Symposium$4,850.00$4,000.00$0.00
2016-0037Urban Forest Fest$9,805.00$3,460.00$7,217.00
2016-0036An Education Plan for the Northland Pines School Forests$1,388.00$7,650.00$1,436.00
2016-0035Outdoor Natural Playscape$6,985.00$2,035.00$0.00
2016-0034Creating a Field Station for Environmental Education at Kamp Kenwood$9,495.00$3,000.00$0.00
2016-0033Native Ecosystem: Growing Environmental Literacy on School Grounds$15,805.00$11,500.00$0.00
2,163 grant(s)Page: 1 of 44
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